Ted Fang, Tera Capital Founder -Singapore

Ted Fang is the founder of Tera Capital.

*All information is subject to change without notice.

Ted Fang is a Singapore-based consultant and advisor . He founded several companies, including Tera Capital, Tera Partners, Tera Realty (Tera Sotheby’s) and Tera Investments. He used to maintain a website, www.tera-capital.com which provided information about his companies and their various projects.

Ted Fang, together with his two brothers, co-founded Frontier Group in 2003. Its main focus was the acquisition of the Days Inn master franchise for Greater China from Wyndham Worldwide in 2003. Under their leadership, the team successfully made Days Inn China the fastest growing mid-market hotel chain in China up.

Ted Fang was active in Tera Capital, Tera Partners, Tera Realty (Tera Sothebys) and Tera Investments from 2003 to 2021.

Ted Fang is an advisor to TCAC, an investment holding firm based in Singapore

*This post was taken from the archives in 2019.

Ted Fang, Harry Tan & David Tan - Ted Fang Tera Capital - Founder

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